Pregnancy 101

Today marks the 15th week of our pregnancy, perhaps I was a little naive going in mostly because I was advised to not read to many forums, blogs etc (mostly because they are full of horror stories!).  It did however mean that I was ill prepared for what I was in for, so here are a few things I have learned so far: 1) Pregnancy isn't fun or easy (particularly in the first trimester).

2) Having a poo is something I will never take for granted ever again! Constipation during pregnancy isn't fun, neither is trying to drink the medication they give you while feeling sick, or the awful feeling when it does all finally decide to come out.  Unfortunately for me no amount of fruit/healthy eating could help me and still it isn't fun to this day……. I don't know how much longer this will last but god I hope my pooper goes back to normal soon!

3) Nausea isn't just an inconvenient feeling, it has been completely debilitating.  I tried to stay eating as healthy as possible, eat small meals through the day, snack a lot, keep up with the water etc, but I had absolutely no idea how hard that would actually be to do,  instead it became a game of eat whatever you could keep the yucky feeling at bay.  Initially I wasn't puking very much and just felt sick most waking moments.  as we passed the 12 week mark however things got far worse, a few random pukes here and there escalated to daily or multiply daily puking sessions.  It became more violent puking too, so much so that on multiple occasions I wet myself throwing up, I giggle because poor Erin didn't know whether to laugh or cry or rub my back or get me an extra towel during those days…. it is funny to look back at now but at the time I wasn't a very happy camper!  The other thing that happened on a few occasions is that I burst blood vessels across my  face from throwing up.  Imagine someone having a big red allergic reaction to something across their face….. that was me.  Unfortunately one of these days I threw up at school and  the kind young men in the room tried so hard to make me feel better, they told me that my face didn't look to bad and that things would be OK, which I nearly believed until one of my more autistic boys walked into the room and said 'no she doesn't, she looks like a red version of the hulk' thanks for that buddy!  Perhaps I should be thankful for this, as these events were occurring about the same time I started throwing up some blood.  It was a little scary so I called the doctors straight away, Dr Hall reassured me that the blood was likely to be from scratching and scraping up my esophagus caused by all the throwing up.  He prescribed me  medication for my nausea and the bad reflux I was also having, citing that we needed to control both in order to allow my esophagus to heal.  I remember feeling like quite the failure that i couldn't get through my morning sickness without medical intervention.  I felt like I wasn't tough enough to get through it, the doc basically said 'you puked up blood, I think you are plenty tough enough!' thanks Dr Hall.  Now with the help of some medication I can get through the days and function relatively well and every now and again I manage a day without medication which gives me hope that maybe… just maybe we are coming to the end of the worst of it.

4) Suddenly and randomly I can no longer eat things that used to make me happy, coffee or any hot drinks are completely off the list, most sweet feeds haven't been on the menu, I can't seem to contemplate eating eggs and despite having a love affair with Salmon……. the thought if it at the moment just leaves me feeling not quite right.  If I could survive eating just porridge, potatoes and red meat, I would be pretty happy, they all seem to stay down pretty well and not cause me any issues but of course that isn't a viable long term option.

5) Me being sick and tired constantly has been harder on Erin that I imagined, when she sees me sick all the time she finds it very difficult to understand that the babies could possibly survive while I am so flat, it seems to defy logic really.  Thankfully this all changed when we had our 12 week scan, it was such a relief to see two healthy bubbly little jelly beans bouncing around.  Lisa our poor radiographer was having some difficulty getting a clear image of twin A, evidently she was wedged under twin B so getting a good picture was difficult! I had to dance around, go to the toilet, lay on my tummy and do all sorts of strange things in the hope that she would pop out to get a clear view.  Now you may notice that we refer to twin A as a she, and twin B as a he.  Lets be clear, we have no clue what the sex of the babies are and we don't intend to find out however on the day of the insemination I had a dream that we were having a boy and a girl and that the girl came out first so we always refer to A as the 'she' and B as the 'he'.  We have made Lisa promise to not give into me and tell me the sex if I cave and start asking what they are, really we don't care, but my curiosity might get the better of me!

6) Acupuncture has been a god send, when my morning sickness got really bad, I didn't put two and two together that this started the week after I stopped my weekly acupuncture sessions, only after I went back on my three weekly rotations that I am on now did I realise the connection.  I had no understanding that the sessions I had been having with Kristy had been having such a big impact on keeping the sickness at bay and helping settle my body into a relatively happy state.  I have now been given strict instructions to contact her when and if I get stuck and sick again.

7) All is not lost, with everything that has been happening and as miserable as I have been, Erin and I are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of our two new additions! Slowly we have been collecting the supplies that we will need as well as preparing the spare room to become the new nursery, it has been very easy so far with the unwavering support of my lovely Mum.  She is so darn excited about the babies that she sends weekly packaged to us with little things for them, lots of great second hand items, clothes, bottles etc.  She has embraced our plans to use second hand and recycled items where appropriate and is loving the idea of being about to shop and hunt out good second hand items guilt free.  She loves that she can buy whatever she likes and if we don't want it we can just take it to the swap-it shop and swap it for something more appropriate.  She is in seventh heaven!


Finally it seems as though our morning sickness may be coming to an end, twice in the last week I have had nausea free days (although I have also had one where I puked even with the medication) and in general I don't feel so sick, could this mean that maybe the icky first phase is finally done? Could we be hitting the 'glowing' phase soon? Gosh I hope so!




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