So I just threw up, and it is music to my ears!  Yep, this kid is smack bang in the middle of some horrible morning sickness and I couldn’t be happier!….. well actually that is a lie….. I am miserable but I love having the constant reminder that WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! 

Being an IVF patient means that we became eligible for our first scan at 7 weeks.  Let’s be honest…. at 7 weeks you can’t see much but we saw two little jelly beans with two strong little heart beats. Yep, we are having twins!!! To be honest I kinda knew, I never really had a doubt that it was twins!  The day that we had the last embryo transfer I had an acupuncturist appointment in the afternoon, while at the appointment I had a dream that I had a baby girl and a boy.  I feel like Erin was feeling the same way, she was feeling very confused about what it would feel like to only have one survive so I think she was glad to see two too!!
Anyway as a result I currently have double the hormones pumping around in my system, twice the nausea and twice the exhaustion.  I manage to survive school ok but feel worse throughout the day.  I have lots of friends giving me all sorts of good advice about morning sickness, I have tried ginger biscuits, smelling oils, small meals throughout the day and a few other things.  Like I said I am ok to get through school usually but poor Erin gets one sad sorry sop by the time I get home, but to her credit she is so unbelievably patient, giving me back rubs if I am throwing up, letting me go and nap if I need it, carrying the bulk of the cooking and cleaning that I just can’t seem to find the energy to do.  I love her to bits but I appreciate her support even more at the moment! Thank you my love!


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  1. Finally got a chance to catchup and HELL YES, CONGRATULATIONS to you both, this is amazing news, can’t wait for next updates!


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