Sally and Dexter

Well, this slack lady has done a deplorable job of keeping this Blog up to date, but I will try and catch up to where we sit today! Unfortunately despite the A teams best efforts there was no positive result for us.  The disappointment is never easy to take however it was made easier this time knowing that we weren’t on our last embryo and that we still have a great chance with the remaining embryo’s we still have frozen!


I spoke with Dr Abe after the news and he suggested that maybe my body is seeing the embyro as a foreign object and rejecting it.  Sure it was mine when it when it came out but has been changed with foreign DNA so it kinda makes sense.  How do we fix this? Pregnistalone! if you have ever taken this drug you will know that it can have some really strange effects on your mental health so I was quite hesitant to take it considering I am being asked to take it for over a month! But lets be honest, I am on so many different drugs right now…. whats one more? This particular drug is supposed to lower my immune response, which has been fantastic for me because since I have been taking them I have not needed one drop of my usual asthma or hayfever medication (woo hoo go me!) what a lovely break that is!  So my current drug regime looks like this; Pregnistalone three times a day (to lower the immune responce), Prognova (hormone replacement therapy) three times a day (to keep my hormone levels up), asprin once a day (to keep my blood thin and luscious), MTHFR pills once a day (to counteract my body’s inability to process folate) I also have to squirt Crinone Gel up my girly bits twice a day (to be honest I actually have no clue what this does but it is progesterone and it sounds kinda important) and finally now that we have had another transer I have to inject myself with pregnol ever other day (no clue what that does either).  So I am quite the walking pharmacist.  Yet somehow with all this going on in my system, I have been feeling pretty normal! (I don’t know how)


Anyway like I said we have had another Embryo transfer but some interesting things happened before we got to that bit.  Firstly I went to see an Acupuncturist, Kristie Hayden out at the Logans Beach spa and retreat.  I must say that I think I am in love with this woman, she has an energy and positivity about her that is completely contagious and I instantly feel happier and calmer when around her.  During our first appointment she asked me lots of different questions about life and our IVF journey so far, about my eating and sleeping habits, a few awkward girly parts questions etc. She had me lay down on the bed, at times she performed raki type movements around my chest and pelvis area and I am not convinced that that does anything however during that first session she hooked me up to different wires and electrodes (to balance out ions maybe?) and after a while letting these do their thing she put her little pins in different points around my feet and legs, and at the back of my head.  I can’t guarantee that this will work, but I am sure it will do no harm to me or my health.  It was a completely relaxing and recharging experience to go through this and needless to say I was keen to come back for more.  Kristie suggested that I come back for a session the day before our next embryo transfer and then again the day of the transfer for best results.


Unfortunately our transfer was booked in for the Tuesday after the Labour day long weekend.  Kristie (the saint) agreed to take time out of her day to see me on the public holiday and then again on the Tuesday even though on the Tuesday afternoon the business was officially closed for staff training.  I felt pretty guilty about that so collected some tasty things out of the garden for her as a little Thank you. During these next two sessions I felt more and more relaxed to the point of almost reaching a medative state (to be honest I have never meditated so not exactly sure if that is what I was doing but it felt close) and Kristie told me that the pins she was placing were designed to improve my blood flow to all the baby making areas.  I hope this is the push my body needs to let this round be a success for us.


Anyway Tuesday the 14th was transfer day and as usual the appointment was intolerably early (8.30 in Geelong) so we were up as sparrow’s fart to get there on time.  When we got there Dr Prue Johnston was the one preforming the procedure, we got chatting and I was telling her how surprised I had been because she had come  up earlier in the week as a ‘people you may know’ on Facebook, I wondered how that was possible considering we had only ever met through the IVF, but as it turns out she knows Trish and her family, I am not sure if that made her hanging out in my girly bits easier or a bit strange but I choose to take it as a good sign that we were connected by  only a few degrees of separation.  What I can say with complete certainty however; is that she is by far the gentlest physician I have had perform this procedure, she also talked things through with me while it was happening which is a lovely distraction.  She was a little worried however that I have become all to familiar with this process, in her mind no one should ever have lots of experience in embryo transfers.  The other big news is that this time we decided to put two embryo’s back in,  this will hopefully double our chance of success and having discussed the reality of potential twins with Erin, we think we will do just fine.  Let’s be honest I suspect there would be quite a period of freaking out involved too!  I feel confident though that with the support of my parents and our great network of friends, that we would do ok.


I am not sure if you can see what is happening in the ultrasound but it goes a bit like this, the clear blob in the middle left of screen is my uterus, the thin straight line in the middle of the blob is a placement tube, this guides the needle/syringe carrying the embryo’s into the exact position they need to be in for the embryo’s to implant, the needle slots straight into the middle of that tube, squirts out the embryos and wallah!!! Baby making is happenine (hopefully!)
So two lovely little embryo’s have been implanted, Kristie has spoken with me at times about connecting with my uterus, and that feels a bit strange but Erin and I decided that we did need connection but maybe to the embryo’s , so I would like to introduce Dexter and Sally (my favorite names as a child) I hope they are settling in nicely to their new home and growing into some lovely little critters.


One thought on “Sally and Dexter

  1. When I was very early along with Ben, had acupuncture so I wouldn’t have another miscarriage, she also told me it will help with morning sickness, it did help with the morning sickness……..actually I didn’t have much at all. I didn’t like that because morning sickness is one sign at every thing is normal. But anyway we have ben now, so maybe on a positive note acupuncture might help. Best of luck.


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