Egg collection take two

The positive feel from the last few weeks seems to have continued with our egg harvest.  Once again we arrived ready for our procedure at 8am at the Geelong private hospital, we walked in to sign the paperwork and me being my usual self tried to crack a few dad jokes……unfortunately all I got was crickets from the staff at the hospital!  Funnily enough another patient walked in when we did, she thought my jokes (and the staff responses) were as hilarious as I did and we instantly became buddies! Anyway so Andrea and went in for our egg harvests. I was quite distracted going in because as well as egg collection day it was also super bowl. When I woke up I was very pleased to find a smiley face on my paperwork! 15 eggs!!! Such an improvement on our last attempt, and the good news was that 9 fertilised, by day 3 we still had 8 and 6 made it to blastocyst!! Blastocyst it a pretty cool thing, it basically means that at 5 days old the cells begin to be allocated 

their jobs

So this is what my blastocyst embryos look like, the cells on the right that are in focus are the cells that could eventually form into a foetus,the out of focus cells on the outskirts on the left could potentially form the placenta if it takes.  

So at day 5 one little sucker was put back in. I was reassured by the team, Sam Sabari and Rebecca that they were the A team and we were definitely in for some good news soon. The bonus is that we were lucky enough to cross paths with Andrea again!

 I don’t know if I feel pregnant yet however Erin is feeling pretty positive about it all, she has been feeling pretty crappy so she thinks she is having phantom morning sickness! lol I can only hope that it truely is a sign.


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