A new hope

Welcome back!

After a glorious break spent traveling NZ among other adventures, we are ready to go again! When we decided to take a break from baby making, it was done on the proviso that we run some tests and I try and lose some weight, the weight loss wasn’t perhaps as successful as I had hoped, I have lost weight but not heaps.  We did have better success medically though, I was sent by Dr Abe to have numerous tests done.  I was pleased to find that out that I had one test come back with  a positive result! Why was I happy? Well, I think it would have been harder if there wasn’t anything found,  not knowing why our previous attempts hadn’t worked is far harder to take than knowing (even if only retrospectively).  I was diagnosed with MTHFR, the unfortunate thing is that every time I see it I read mother f#&ker.  So MTHFR basically means that my body cannot process folate, all the pregnancy multivitamins and folate friendly food has had absolutely no effect on me at all.  So now each day I have a mother f#&ker tablets which is an activated version of folate, hopefully this means success in the future!
Before we were able to head off on our wonderful adventure Dr Moses suggested I have a little procedure called an endometrical scraping, a procedure that must occur approximately one week before my period. Perhaps fortunately that happened to be the exact day that we were flying to NZ.  If anyone has ever had one of these… it is a highly unpleasant experience made exponentially worse by the fact that you can see it all happening on a video screen! Yuck!! Thankfully we didn’t have any side effects or pain after the procedure and our trip to NZ went off without a hitch.

Australia Day marked the beginning of our next egg harvest, it couldn’t have begun on a better day or with a better friend than Sharon at her annual Australia Day party! So once again my tummy looks like a pin cushion, puragon each afternoon (hormones) and in the last few days orgalutran each morning (this one is an ovulation blocker) and at exactly 9:30 tonight we will be taking the trigger injection! At 8am on Monday morning we will be signing into the Geelong private hospital for the egg collection.  I am quietly hopeful that we will collect more eggs than our last attempt mostly because we found over 20 folicles fattening at our last ultrasound, that’s twice the number we found after our last attempt.  I can’t possibly complete this post without sending my heartfelt thanks to Lisa our radiographer. I booked our last ultrasound on Friday at 4pm And was told unequivocally by Monash IVF (on the day) that it was way way way to late to get the results in time. I rang the radiography unit in a complete panic but that wonderful Lisa allowed me to come in on her lunch break to get the ultrasound done! I owe her big time!  Anyway we have a few exciting days coming up! I can’t wait!


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