More bad news

Well unfortunately for us, our latest embryo transfer didn’t work again.  While I was better prepared for how that may feel this time, in general both Erin and I are worn out, we are so tired of driving to Geelong, tired of hoping, tired of taking all these medications, tired of feeling guilty for the money we are spending treatment so we have decided to take a break for the summer.  We need a chance to rest and recuperate.  I also have a horrible feeling inside that my weight is the reason this isn’t working, so from the moment we decided to rest, I have changed how I have been eating with the aim to lose at least 5kg over the next 6-8 weeks.  I am not sure how I will go seeings losing weight over Christmas is a difficult thing to do.  I have however discovered a new plan! Erin and I used to have a tradition that each Friday we go to Pronto’s and get some cheese (obviously not a healthy choice) but if I switch the cheese for prawns it costs the same and is way healthier! So every time I need a special treat I am heading to the seafood shop not the deli!

I also think that I don’t want to keep trying something that isn’t working, so I am hoping to speak with the doctor soon to discuss some further testing we can do to count out any other issues that may be occurring inside my body preventing a successful pregnancy.

It has become such a shame that our time has become so clinical and not the romantic experience we were both hoping for. Maybe that will come when we actually fall pregnant instead of being so focused on medications and appointments all the time.

One thing we do have to look forward to is a trip to NZ, we are heading there in January for a friends wedding, this is also another reason why we have decided to take a break for a while, this is booked in and IVF schedules don’t work around holiday schedules.

So this is my prediction for then next few months! I will be relaxed, skinnier and rested ready for some new adventures in 2017.



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