Embryo transfer day!

The embryo transfer happened three days after the harvest.  And I have to say it was really fun, once again it meant a long drive to Geelong for fifteen whole minutes in with Dr Moses! I was still feeling a bit icky from all of the  hormones but while in th  appointment two amazing things harkened, firstly we got to see what our little embryo looked like, seven cells in a little sack, HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I can’t believe a human being grows from those seven little cells, I can imagine what it will be like to show this picture to our child when they are big enough to understand what it is!  I was able to get a copy of the picture from the lovely receptionist Donna from Geelong Gynaecology so many thanks to you lovely lady!

The second fascinating thing was that unlike the IUI, they used an ultrasound machine when implanting the embryo, this meant that I could watch the needle as it entered my uterus, I couldn’t see the embryo but it was still cool to watch!  The only down side is that for this type of ultrasound I was required to have a full bladder, I took this job very seriously and drank the whole trip down! I have never been so happy to find a toilet in my life!!!
Now begins the awkward bit, morning and night I have to have a progesterone shot, now needles don’t really bother me but unfortunately this one isn’t a needle, this one is a vaginal shot!!! Twice a day I have to go through this!!! And if the pregnancy test comes back positive, I have to continue this for 7 weeks!!! There are just sooooooo many icky situations when it comes to making this baby!!!


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