A little ray if hope…

After yesterday’s disappointment ….. Well I shouldn’t really say disappointment… We still got two eggs, these two eggs could become our two beautiful children…so please know my disappointment isn’t at those two eggs, it is that I feel like we should have had 10… It is just a numbers game really, the more eggs we get the better chance of success!  Anyway despite being disappointed yesterday (and I gave our doctor a bit of a serve… Not sure if it was me or the hormones. 😳😳😳) we did have a little ray of hope today, both the eggs have fertilised!!!!  We have been advised that it would be better to transfer an embryo at 3 days rather than 5…I am not exactly sure why they do this however they said that this is often the case when there are only a small amount of eggs gathered…. I guess it is now just a wait and see game to see if it is a successful plan.  The transfer will happen on Thursday so unfortunately that means another day off school but it can’t be helped.  Hopefully we will have more good news then!


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