Egg harvest day

If I had to sum today up in three words…… Exciting, disappointing and tiring!  Firstly both Erin and I slept terribly; the combination of excitement about today and a unknown bed (at Jayden and Kahlia’s) meant that we were both exhausted before we even started our adventure!
I am fascinated by the prospect of surgery etc, I had never had any form of procedure that required me to go under anesthetic before, I was determined to stay awak as long as possible! I thought to myself ‘yeah I am just going to stay awake, the sedation will hardly work on me-zzzzzzzzzzzz’ and I woke up 45 minutes later! For someone who is borderline ADHA, it was very relaxing to slowly wake up feeling very laid back.  That was until the nurse told me that they were only able to harvest 2 eggs…..ONLY 2 EGGS…. it was pretty devastating.  I was then reunited with my lovely Erin who had picked up a lovely gift for me, preserving supplies! How lovely! It didn’t take away the devastation, but it was a lovely act regardless!

There were a few things that happened today which should have given me the idea that things were not going to go well

1) We didn’t take shampoo/conditioner/soap with us because we assumed there would be some at Jayden and Kalia’s but they only had one non-descript bottle…. I still have no idea what I washed my hair and body in…..

2) we forgot to pack our toothpaste, so the only toothpaste we could find at 6:30 was Eden’s kiddy toothpaste… Yuck!

3) I forgot some of the paperwork so when we went into surgery they said they couldn’t do anything till the doctor brought consent forms.

4) when it was all finished, I was moved into one recovery room to be watched then into another recovery room to eat a snack and then get dressed. When I was getting dressed I stood up only to discover a weird little petewety wipe was stuck…. I didn’t even realise it was there but when I was getting dressed it fell off and slid over nearly under the curtain to the next lady (an old lady of 70ish), so I scooped it up really quickly…..but no bins were around… What the heck do I do with a used petewety wipe???? In the end I wrapped it inside some other things that I knew would be thrown out and hoped for the best as I got the heck out of there!
Anyway so now we wait till we hear how our two little eggs are going, we should find out tomorrow if either of them fertilised… If one did then it will be implanted in Saturday if all goes well!


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