Harvesting time!

Tomorrow is A pretty exciting day!! Egg harvest day!! I am quite excited about it all, firstly because I have never been under an anesthetic but mostly because this is such a big step in the baby making process!!  Coincidently it has happened on the very first day of the term so my pool kids have to survive on their own for their first day back, but they are pretty resilient little critters so I am sure they will be fine.

I have been on hormones for a week and a half now and after the ultrasound in Thursday we  found 10 good sized folicles, this is a pretty good sign that we will have some good eggs to harvest tomorrow.  36 hours before harvest we had to take a trigger injection, it was quite scary because the medicine came in these tiny glass vials, the first one I tried to open shattered in my hand… Thankfully it was only the sterilised water solution.  The next few cracked open without worry and we were able to mix the water into the powdered solution and had the injection without further worry!  I feel pretty bad about this though…. Who needs to take medicine at 7:30pm on grand final day…. Especially when we had been invited to Kate’s house for a grand final BBQ….. Sorry we missed it kate!!! This baby making sure is inconvenient for our social schedule!
So the egg harvest will happen at exactly 8:30am tomorrow! I urge everyone to rub the ovaries at that exact time to send all your good vibes my way!  You might see in the pic some of my best articles of clothing, and while it may not be apparent from the pics I have posted so far on the blog but I wear some combination of this outfit every time we come to Geelong for any fertility treatment, it reminds me of the love and support I have from those around me, my lovely Corkers, Team Kim, my QB crew at home my friends and of course my lovely family, you guys walk this journey with us every day!
Anyway I best be off, I think I need an early night, but before I do let me share with you something Erin was considering today Erin-‘I thought I should dress up special tomorrow!’

‘Why is that?’ I ask

‘Well, we might have our first glimpse of our son or daughter tomorrow, I would want them to be impressed by us both and really want to be born into our family!’

What a funny girl she is!!! Love her!!


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