This is IVF

This is IVF, you would hope it is a romantic lovely experience, but that certainly isn’t the case.  It is all about drugs!!! So many drugs!!! Firstly drugs to stop my period, then ones to kickstart my hormones, then ones to stop ovulation,  ones to set my folicles on fire, specific drugs to trigger ovulation and finally progesterone shots for after the embryo is implanted!! Each drug has its own set of side effects, specific dosage rates, different applicators, specific times dates.  The good news is that so far aside from the ovulation blockers irritating the heck out of me, I haven’t reacted poorly to any of the other drugs just yet but it is still early days in this journey!

Ivf can be a little confusing so here is a simple rundown of what our next few weeks will look like.  For the next few days I only have to worry about taking an injection each morning (ovulation blocker) I already have long acting hormones from last week.  On Thursdayas well as blood tests and an ultrasound we start on two injections a day, the ovulation blockers in the morning and puragon (mega hormone) each afternoon.  On Thursday we should also find out exactly when the eggs will be harvested, lets pretend that will be Monday. We will continue on two a day injections until 36 hours before the egg harvest… Then… You guessed it! Another injection! The eggs will be harvested and inseminated, 5 days later an egg will be returned to my body and we begin progesterone!

The good news? The pharmacist did throw in a free bag of jelly beans!! I am saving them for a day when I am feeling like I REALLY need them! But the really good news is that while the next week or so probably won’t be my favourite this experience has twice the chance of success that our previous IUI attempts had so hopefully it will be worth it!


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