Our goodbye our way

After hearing about the tragic loss of our dear friend Samurai, Erin and I decided to go on a hike together, firstly because it is something we like to do, but mostly because it is also something we loved to do with Samurai.  We decided on a hike along  the timboon rail trail, we parked at the glenfyne hall and set off on a walk to the trestle bridge.  We had been told that it was an 1 1/2-2 hour walk so we packed accordingly.  It was glorious day despite the fact that it rained all day, we found approximately 20 different kinds of mushrooms (which I know Samurai would have found fascinating and taken lots of photo’s of!) and as you can see in the winter months the views were just spectacular.  I hear there are leeches on the track but we didn’t see any thankfully!!!

Once we reached the big tressle bridge we sat and said our goodbyes, I am so glad that we did because it is hard to depescribe how difficult it is to grieve when you have no opportunity for closure, we had both felt quite lost before the hike and while I still miss my friend, I don’t feel so lost anymore.  
We were however quite lost physically! We had received advice that the hike was a 2 hour return trip however it took us two hours just to get to the tressle bridge…. So you can imagine that it was a long slow and exhausting trip home.  Because it had rained the whole time, our clothes were wet and soggy, we were hungry because we hadn’t lacked enough food and it was beginning to get quite cold!  We did make it however with the help of some extra motivation, next door to the glenfyne hall where we were parked was our friends Misty and Hus’s house! We headed straight there for some well earned coffee and time in front of the heater.  
We love you Samurai!  Coincidentally the last time that Samurai and I spoke was on this blog, she wished us luck with our next insemination.  I like to think that wherever she is now, she is still there helping us out!


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