Take 3

So the down side to direct insemination is that the success rate is only 20%, the up side is that the day after you find out one cycle didn’t work, you can begin another so it feels like I am constantly on hormones these days! It has made the death of my grandfather and Elise all that much harder, but I am trying to stay positive so let’s chat about some of the happier things happening at the moment!
It has become a bit of a tradition for us that whenever we have guests, they have the option to administer the daily hormone injection, over the journey I have injected, Erin has, mum has, my brother has, Kodi has and this time we had a very special young man have a turn, he thought it was so much fun!  We also had a great time on Tuesday, before each insemination I have to have an ultrasound, it is not the pleasant kind but I am blessed to have some great staff in radiology at the base hospital which makes things easier!  This particular time we were walked into the room by a new face, as it turns out there was a radiology student working! His name was Muhhamad and he was so awkward initially, as soon as I realised I offered him the chance to do his very first ultrasound! It was so much fun to share that experience with him and he beamed the whole time!! He also had the pleasure of finding one giant follicle!!!

With the ultrasound completed we had the activation injection ‘Ovidrel’ and into our insemination this morning!  We had an 8:45am appointment!! 8:45 ON THE HOLIDAYS!!!!  It meant a 5:30am wake up ….yuck!!!!  This time we actually had Moses Abe perform the procedure (Moses is our doctor but we don’t see him often!).  Erin and I am thinking that between a Muhhumad and a Moses…. We have a lot of biblical support with this round… That must up our chances right?
And finally, we thought we would introduce you to Andrew!! I know it is probably creepy to see but maybe just a bit fascinating too!!

Anyway please keep your fingers and toes crossed!!! Our blood test is on the 22nd, so hopefully we will have some good news!!


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