Coming to terms with bad news

My last blog post was one of hope as I was thinking that maybe our

last insemination had been successful, but as it turns out the symptoms of a worn out- end of term teacher somewhat mimic those of early pregnancy…… well the ones I had did!

So unfortunately no baby for us just yet… we dived straight into our next cycle and we are due for another insemination on thursday!


Unfortunately though that isn’t what has been on my mind lately, that beautiful woman in the pictures has been.  This is my very old friend Samurai, this week I received an email from her father telling me that she had had a brain aneurysm and passed away the week previous.  Just like that my great friend was gone.  I am finding this very hard to process because for 12 years she has always been there, for 12 years I have looked forward to receiving emails from her. For 12 years I have navigated the world confident that I always had her love and support.  I hope she knew how much I admired and respected her.


In the pictures you can see her, her husband Tom and I hiking through Colorado at Christmas in 2009, and the other one of us both hiking together at McKenzie Falls last year.  I have never spent great deals of time with her as we lived in different continents but she was always with me, every time I visited somewhere beautiful (like Cradle Mountain) I would convince myself that I would take her there one day, every time I try a new wine I remember the lessons she taught me about wine appreciation, I have a huge selection of music on my ipod that she recommended and I loved, we often wrote to each other detailed updates on how each of our veggie patches were progressing for the season and over 10 years ago she gave me a recipe for granola that I still cook today!

She is with me every time I take an injection towards making our child… mostly because when we met we were working at diabetes camp.  She was a diabetes doctor and I was a camp counsellor, I felt a bit left out being the only non-diabetic around so she helped me be an honorary diabetic for the week, this meant checking my blood sugars and injecting fake insulin after each meal although in my case it was saline!  The last time I conversed with her was her sending her best wishes during our last insemination, she was so far away from me but always close by.  I hope she knew how much I cared for her and respected her, I often think that if I ever became half the woman she was, that I was doing ok!

There was no opportunity for Erin and I to attend her funeral to say our goodbyes so on Sunday we will be saying our own goodbyes our way, we plan on choosing a nice bottle of Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio (the first wine she introduced me to) collecting some fruit and cheese and heading out on a little hike to the trestle bridge near Cobden, it is one of the hikes that I would have taken her and Tom on if we had had more time when she last visited.  I think that she would like that!

Goodbye my friend.



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