Getting close to an answer

So tomorrow is a pretty big day, tomorrow Erin and I go for the blood test to see if our second insemination was successful. I am actually quite excited this time mostly because my period is late and it never usually is! So I decided to google some early warning signs of pregnancy to see if I have any other signs they are:

1) Higher basal body temperature – no clue if I have this one!

2) late period- yes definitely 

3) morning sickness- well no… But all food has made me feel a little bit icky today?

4) breasts changes- haven’t noticed anything yet

5) increased cervical mucus- that’s gross and information no one needs to know!

6) fatigue – definitely but it is also the end of term so I should feel fairly tired!!

7)frequent urination- hmmmm not sure…. I don’t usually pay much attention!!

8) cramping- none

9)spotting- none

10) constipation and wind- DEFINITELY!!! I have become a fart machine!!

11) sense of smell- yep! As it turns out my kids at school are quite stinky!

12) pimples- none

13)cravings- nope

14)nasal stuffiness/colds – YES!! I have woken up with a sore throat all week!

15) colour changes in your vagina- not even going there!

16) emotional- if you ask Erin I have been!
I have also had a dream – in my dream I was able to introduce our newborn child to my mother, it was pretty special and something I do look forward to when we do have a baby!  Anyway so I was thinking that I showed enough of these signs to warrant peeing on a stick and when we did ….. Negative
So I guess we will just wait and see!


3 thoughts on “Getting close to an answer

  1. I didn’t have half as many pregnancy signs as they suggest there, but a couple of things were for sure the tender boobs and feeling of car sickness, but everyone is different, some don’t feel anything different.


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