Second insemination 

On Thursday the 9th of June, Erin and I had our second insemination!!! We were running late to the clinic so the rushed us straight into the rooms and the procedure occurred within minutes!  At the time I had little belief that the insemination had worked, mostly because our preparation was less organised, I was distracted and stressed for much of the time we were on hormone injections and the day I was inseminated I suddenly woke up with a cold!!!
June 9th is a special day however because that is the lovely Kim Myers’ birthday, I like to believe that maybe that coincidence is a positive sign? The insemination also fell exactly 2 days before one of my favourite events of the year; the Victorian  softball masters that I had planned on playing in, the timing has allowed me to complete without impeding on the baby making process….. Maybe things are falling into place!   I have had one small hint that the insemination may have worked when I had a dream the other night that I had had a baby.  I dreamt of the first time I was able to introduce our new baby to my mum, it was pretty special! Although I wish I had checked whether it was a boy or a girl!! Haha
Anyway we find out next Friday if the insemination was successful so keep your fingers and toes crossed!


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