Take 2

So with the decision to go straight into a second insemination, we are back to doing daily hormone injections.  This time however we have had lots more family and friends around so it has been really fun to convince others to have a go at doing the injections.  Mum did one day and was so nervous she almost couldn’t do it!  Davey was completely relaxed and jabbed me without a problem (such a nurse!) Kodi was so nervous that if you look closely you can see that I was the one that had to pull her hand towards me to actually inject the needle!!! Lol, I am so thankful for lightening the mood as she did this for us on funeral day for Poppa, so it was fun to have a good sport like her step out of her comfort zone for fun!  I have to say though that being filled with excess hormones when attending a funeral isn’t much.  
On a brighter note, we have had lots of time with Bryce, Georgie, Lachie and Henry which is always lovely, the best therapy out there!


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