Happy insemination day!!!!

On Thursday the day of our first insemination finally arrived, I must say that it wasn’t romantic or warm and fuzzy in any way.  The experience was over very quickly and was pretty clinical.  Our doctor Lisa was however very easy to ask questions too and very quick to get through it all.  ‘Andrews’ sperm was a clear liquid and there wasn’t much of it.

I am a completely sentimental person so I thought it very important to keep some of my favourite team kim pieces of clothing, my corkers hoodie and a few other keepsakes for good luck, I like thinking that these special people are with us through this adventure.  Glad to have you with me guys!

It is a very funny feeling to be both excited about the insemination, but also cautious about getting my hopes up considering the chances of success are only 20%.  So I have been focussing on this only being a stepping stone towards IVF. With that said however I couldn’t help but daydream a little on the way home that maybe as we drive back to Warrnambool a little life was being created.

We find out for sure in a few weeks if it was successful so watch this space!


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