Erin’s turn!

Finally it is Erin’s turn for some jabbing!!!!  Evidently the partners of those accessing Monash IVF’s services also require a blood screen to qualify for treatment! I think she liked stepping into my shoes for this one day!  We have become quite familiar with the collection nurses, while I can’t remember this lady’s name she was a great sport about all the photos we were taking!
But guess what? My hormones are righ where they should be so off to the ultrasound we went! I got to see my ovaries, follicles, bladder and a whole other collection of squiggley grey matter that made no sense to me! There was a student radiologist there who did a great job and added to the fun atmosphere in what could have been a bit of an awkward situation!
Finally after having the ultrasound results assessed by Dr Moses, we took the activation injection, now I bet this sounds like a lot of fun because it means that within 24-48 hours the insemination will happen…… The reality however is that the injection has to be taken at 1am….. I was so tired at work after that, especially considering I accidentally set the alarm wrong so was up at midnight instead and then had to set get back up at 1am again!! 


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