Action stations!

Today we had an appointment at the IVF clinic, the original purpose was to meet with the IVF nurse Jenny and to go through the instructions regarding the medications to take, when to take them and how to administer them etc.  What we learned? Here’s th a plan…. When your period comes, if it is before 6pm call the clinic…. Get a blood test asap then the following day… Begin injections! I was pretty happy with that so at the completion of our meeting I paid the bill and I was about to head on our day.  Because we had a big drive back to Warrnambool from Geelong we both decided on a toilet stop before getting into the car….AND GUESS WHAT??? My period arrived!!!   I have never been so excited to see it arrive ever before!!!!! I ran back to tell Jenny the nurse about it and we got straight into action!!!! Despite trying my hardest not to get my hopes up …… It is pretty exciting to finally actually get started!
So as soon as we got back to Warrnambool we went for the blood test.  The nurses at dorvitch were so excited to play a small part in the making of our child that I will definitely be going back there! I suspect we may be good buddies by the time we are done because evidently making babies this way requires LOTS of blood tests! I will have one at least ever 3 days for the next 10 days, then daily towards the end!!!  Tomorrow we begin injecting the medicine/hormone stuff….. Poor Erin might have to deal with an emotional Cherie for a few days!  

We celebrated today by buying a little suit for bubs, it is probably going a bit overboard by buying things already but we couldn’t help ourselves!!
We can’t wait for our next adventure!


4 thoughts on “Action stations!

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so bloody excited for the pair of you, you’ll be the best parents, can’t wait for a sniff and a snuggle. If ya ever need a jab just let me know I’m not bad at it xx


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