Second time lucky!

Some time ago I was urged by my Aunty Linda to create a blog or somehow record my thoughts as Erin and I take this awesome journey towards parenthood, this is my second attempt at creating a blog; my first was with but it doesn’t have an app to use and it is all but impossible to upload photos, that just won’t do!
Firstly I must apologise to our children when we have them, we have very grand intentions of taking photo’s and immortalising this adventure we are on, unfortunately whenever something important is happening, we are usually so excited about it that we completely forget to take pics of it so unfortunately that means you might have to read about it more than see it!
Erin and I decided to try for a baby about Christmas time late 2015, but for us the decision had already been made it was just a matter of when.  It began with a visit to our GP, doctor Victor Chang, he is a lovely calm man and I hope he stays in Warrnambool long enough to be our children’s GP too!  Next was a visit with Dr Moses Abe, it is quite biblical isn’t it, he is a quiet spoken man who talks fast and with purpose, you really have to concentrate to keep up with him!! 

It is funny how it feels going through this, I keep refraining from buying anything or preparing to have a baby around because I don’t want to jinx myself but we can’t help but buy a few tiny little bits and pieces! 


4 thoughts on “Second time lucky!

  1. My thoughts and love will be with you during this time. Still remember sitting at your place in E B having a cuppa with mum lol. I will read your progress with interest and when Ray and i come down to your part of the world ( which we will be doing) hope to see not just you 2 but a bump. Xxx


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